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Horse Riding Holidays

Day 1 (Sunday): land in Budapest, transportation to Kaboka Riding Club. Introduction to the family followed by a little sightseeing around the stables. Dinner in the evening and planning together the events of the week. We get to know each other and the trainers ask information on riding skills.

Day 2 (Monday): Breakfast. Evaluating the riding skills of students. Riding on the grass field and if needed in the riding hall. Our first riding lesson is dressage, where everyone gets the chance to show his or her riding skills. You will have to understand and carry out basic riding routines. It is a good warm up for you to get to know our horses and vice versa. Lunch. Riding on the grass field/riding hall. Our second riding lesson of the day is about refining our contact with the horses and to practice school figures: diagonal change of hand, half-turn, to change hand through the middle of the school, to turn across the school, to half-pass, to turn, to change hand, serpentine, figure of eight, change of hand in the circle, to change hand on the middle line, half-turn on the hocks ... Other recreational activities (volleyball, basketball, tennis etc.) Dinner.

Day 3 (Tuesday): Breakfast. Participating in the morning routines for horses. Riding on the grass field and if needed in the riding hall. Our third riding lesson, taught by a dressage trainer, is based on the level of riding knowledge the group showed on the first day and building on that knowledge (medium walk, extended walk, collected walk, walk on two tracks, medium trot, working trot, extended trot, simple change of hand in gallop, canter true-hand, working canter, extended canter, hunting canter) Lunch. Riding on the grass field/riding hall. Show jumping lessons. The aim of the show jumping lesson is to measure the level of show jumping skills of the group. After the warm-up phase the riders jump obstacles of low and mid height. Other recreational activities (volleyball, basketball, tennis etc.) Dinner.

Day 4 (Wednesday): Breakfast. Travel to Budapest. Shopping in one of Budapest’s biggest riding shops. Lunch. Sightseeing and shopping in Budapest centre. Coffee in one of Budapest’s up market cafeterias. Dinner. Party in the thriving nights of Budapest.

Day 5 (Thursday): Breakfast. Participating in the morning routines for horses. Riding on the grass field and if needed in the riding hall. We have a dressage training lesson in the morning, where we go on learning new skills of handling with our horse: giving way to the legs, shoulder-in, to half-pass. Instead of the dressage lesson, we offer a cross-country ride (about 1.5 hours long). Lunch. Riding on the grass field/riding hall. Show jumping lessons. Our professional show jumper Balazs will teach this lesson and he will correct the riders style and manner of jumping. Other recreational activities (volleyball, basketball, tennis etc.) Dinner.

Day 6 (Friday): Breakfast. Participating in the morning routines for horses. Riding on the grass field and if needed in the riding hall. The dressage practice will concentrate on carrying out a full dressage test. Lunch. Riding on the grass field/riding hall. Show jumping lessons. Practicing on a new show jumping course. Other recreational activities (volleyball, basketball, tennis etc.) Dinner.
Day 7 (Saturday): Breakfast. Travel to Babolna National Stud Estate, established in 1789, which is home to the unique Shagya arab horse breed. Tour of the estate. Carriage driving.

Day 8 (Sunday): Breakfast. Depending on the time of your flight home, we organise cross-country riding in the morning, have lunch and travel to the airport in Budapest in the afternoon.

Similar to the 7 day program but with overnight stays at Youth Hostels in both Budapest and Vienna. ( The Spanish Riding school ).
7 Day program £449 per person (£64 per day)
14 Day program £729 per person (£52 per day )
Prices include :-
Airport transfers to and from Budapest airport
Accommodation, food and drink
All horse riding and activities
All trips out
Additional expense :-
Drinks while traveling.
Flights – low cost airlines connect to Budapest on a regular basis and typical flight costs are approx £100 return if booked in advance.
(Please check the flights page for information on budget airlines.)
Entrance to Spanish Riding School – available on 14 day program only
Any accommodation upgrades ( Vienna and Budapest Youth Hostel ) – available on 14 day program only

For non riding guests – prices 75% of those quoted above.
Minimum party group is 4 people, maximum is 12 people.
Group leaders with children qualify for price reduction – ask for details.
Please enquire to check dates are free before booking flights.
Prices based on 320 HUF to £1(August 2009) and may be subject to slight variation if exchange rates vary please check on application.


Q. Can you accommodate different riding standards in the same group ?
Yes. We assess the standard of each group member on day 1 and work accordingly

Q. What is the minimum age for riding ?
We have no minimum age restrictions for riding but children under the age of 8 yrs must be accompanied by a parent.

Q. Is the riding suitable for people of all age groups ?
Yes of course. For adults not participating in the riding there is a 25% reduction in the prices and they would stay on site with their children. This price includes travel and food. If necessary we have self catering accommodation close by should the non participating parents wish to have some peace and quiet. This way the parents can leave their children to stay on the farm and have some free time to enjoy the beautiful Lake Balaton area on their own and drop by to say hello as necessary. The self catering accommodation is £200 per week and can sleep 4 people.

Q. What do we need to bring ?
A. Clothes and basic riding gear eg. Helmets but these can be provided if necessary plus a little bit of spending money

Q. When is the best time to travel ?
Whenever it is convenient to yourselves. April and May day temperatures are around 15 to 20 deg C, June to August 25 deg C plus, September and October around 20 deg C. The winter months are colder but drier than the UK.

Q. What about insurance ?
All guests are required to have individual international insurance

Q. Can you accommodate mixed groups ?
Yes and they are accommodated separately

Q. Can we tweak the schedule to suit our particular requirements - for example if we prefer more cross country trails rather than dressage routines would this be possible ?
Yes of course – just send me your preferred program and we will advise by return or discuss this when you arrive

Q. What is the food like and can you cater for special dietary requirements ?
The food we prepare is of a very high standard – whenever possible we use fresh local produce. Yes we can cater for special food requirements. Please make this known when booking. We have a BBQ area next to the swimming pool and stables which we use during your stay

Q. Is the cost of the extra activities included in the price ?
Yes all these things are included. At the start of the camp we agree a timetable of events – things you want to do and activities you don’t want to participate in. Our riding camps are meant to be fun and enjoyable so we accomodate YOU!!!

Contact us.

The cost of horse riding in Hungary is already relatively low, however for those that own property in hungary the real cost is even less and they have an investment that is growing in value.


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