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Sailing and Wind Surfing on Lake Balaton

Situated on the Tihany peninsular directly on Lake Balaton, our aim is to provide a world class sailing experience in an area of outstanding beauty.

The Balaton 25 is a 25ft yacht specifically designed for sailing on Lake Balaton. we also have the Hanse 291 and the Feeling 356 yachts available.

Fun for all ages and all stages of fitness, the teaching facilities are second to none. With many years of experience our teachers will have you sailing or windsurfing in very little time, you will also be trained to an internationally recognised standard.

Various sizes of sails are available for men, women and children. Windsurfing is available from the beginning of May to the end of October.

Course durations are Monday to Friday, 3 hours daily, mornings or afternoons.

Children can get a junior windsurfing licence, and special childrens classes are available for 8-12 year olds.


Lake Balaton is restricted to low impact sports such as sailing, windsurfing, fishing and swimming, skiiing is available by pulley. This ensures that the water in Lake Balaton and the local Balaton area still retains it's natural beauty. We are confident that you will never see pollution of fuel spills or similar oil and fuel spill residues on the lake surface that is sometimes associated with other lakes. Maximum sail size on Lake Balaton is 10 sq m with a maximum boat length of 6 metres.

Lake Balaton has always been an area of pristine cleanliness and natural beauty and only allowing low impact watersports such as sailing and windsurfing ensures that it remains as beautiful as ever. It also ensures a fantastic holiday for those lucky enough to visit Lake Balaton which is the biggest lake in central Europe.

" In a weeks sailing on Lake Balaton I saw no manmade pollution - not an oil slick, not a beer can, not a polythene bag. It offers outstanding value for money in terms of a sailing experience, gastronomy and culture. "
Angus Richardson - Practical Boat Owner Magazine.

Lake Balaton is perfect for sailing with a capacity of 5 times the current fleet - enjoy your sport in safe fresh waters with no currents, hidden obstacles or rocks to worry about at very competitive prices – at least 20% less than most other European destinations.

There are many places of natural beauty around the lake and there are also many places where you can relax onshore and eat in a local restaurant tasting the fantastic Hungarian cuisine and wines.

Most marinas offer guest moorings with shore power for around £15 per night but If necessary accommodation can be provided at a number of nearby B & B’s for approx £30 / night / double room.


  • Low cost – only £550 for 7 day 4 berth 25’ charter
  • Stunning scenery
  • 40 times bigger than lake Windermere
  • Excellent sailing conditions
  • Regular regattas
  • Un-crowded and low cost marina facilities
  • Regular low cost flights from across the UK
  • English speaking tuition – sailing and wind surfing school from aged 6 yrs upwards
  • Water temperature is 26-28 degrees C in the summertime

Owning and Mooring
Boats cost from around £15,000 upwards. Second hand boats are available from - for all our property owners we would be happy to negotiate on your behalf, with any non English speaking Hungarian owners.

Annual mooring fees at an established marina such as the popular Tihany Sailing club are £950 for craft up to 18 ft and £1350 for up to 25 ft and £1770 for up to 30 ft. Smaller less popular marinas to the west of the lake are more competitive.


With regular low cost flights from across the UK to Budapest the eastern shore of Lake Balaton is approximately 75 minutes car journey from the airport using the M7 motorway. The western shore of Lake Balaton is a 30 minute car journey from the Croatian border and a further 2 hour journey to the Adriatic coast.

Sailing in Hungary is fabulous and for those that own property in Hungary participation can be enjoyed on a regular basis and at low cost.

Please check out how low cost and affordable properties in Hungary are – this way you can enjoy your sailing and at the same time watch your investment grow in value.

If necessary accomodation can be provided at a number of nearby hotels.

For more information contact us

The cost of sailing on Lake Balaton in Hungary is already relatively low, however for those that own property in hungary the real cost is even less and they have an investment that is growing in value.

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